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favorite excursions in Bavaria

Wild Park Castle Tambach

Wild Park Castle Tambach
Unique is the combination of wildlife and bird park. On more than 50 hectares, with habitats of European wild species such as wolf, moose, lynx, and many birds of prey. There are daily flight demonstrations and all weekends, holidays and vacation instead of feeding different tours. In addition, we offer a varied program of events.

Canoeing Regen

Canoeing Regen in the Bavarian Forest
Even the Bavarian Forest is like so many river landscapes in Bavaria, the opportunity to take canoe trips. A corresponding provider is Hölzl canoeing, the canoe rental in Regen in the Bavarian Forest Bavaria. The tours will take place on the black rain, which is known for its beautiful landscape as Bayerisch Canada.

Pullman City Westernstadt

Pullman City Westernstadt
Pullman City, the "living western town" in Eging, an adventure park is idyllically situated on the edge of the Bavarian Forest, easily accessible from the A3 between Deggendorf and Passau. Since 1997, children and adults can experience the Lower Bavarian "Wild West" - archery, gold panning, pony or Quarter Horse Riding, while listening to live country music, line dancing and campfire.


Municipal Museum Zirndorf
The cities of Nuremberg and Fürth are well-known for their production of toys. But tin toys have also been produced in Zirndorf since 1850. Plumbers and belt makers produced so-called "Schlottern" (rattles for babies) in small workshops. Then from 1880 on spinning tops, toy trumpets made of tin, musical boxes, piggy banks, toy stoves and kitchenware were manufactured too.


Skyline Park
Recreational park with many attractions like Sky Wheel, Sky Circle, Sky of SHOT, Sky Rider, Sky case, Sky Karts and much more. The result is the Allgäu Skyline Park in 1999 on the site of the amusement park Kirchdorf. Within a few years the park has multiplied its area, more than 50 attractions enchant today to a total of 19 hectares of the visitors.


Franz Marc Museum Kochel am See
Founded to show the life and work of Franz Marc in the landscape which influenced him as a painter, in 2008 the museum was expanded with the addition of significant groups of works. So as well as the art of the «Blauer Reiter» the collection also contains important works of the Brücke expressionism as well as outstanding works by Paul Klee and important abstract paintings from the period after the Second World War.

House of art handicrafts

House of art handicrafts
The House of Arts and Crafts is an asset to the craftsmanship of the Rhön. Here you will find exhibitors from the Rhön area, such as Drechsel crafts, sculpture, woodcarving, patchwork work, pottery, fretwork, crib. The artisans make their art and lovingly crafted items in a small range at us from all year. A highlight of the house is certainly the glass art of Murano glass that is completely processed locally in the form of jewelry.

EFA Automobilmuseum Amerang

EFA Automobilmuseum Amerang
Also this year, the car museum shows again a large cross-section of German automotive history. 220 German Classic cars are a unique portrayal of the German automotive history. Experience each month tour with the classic car mechanic. You will accumulate what is hidden behind the powerful engines. The World's Largest Model Train Exhibition probably the track II brings the visitors coming back to marvel.


Prehistory Museum Taufkirchen
Travel back in time in ages! Discover, wonder, and you can access the loading prehistory in the museum just outside Munich in the district of Erding - a special kind of museum experience! It teaches you to be original fossil treasures from days gone by up to 180 million years ago in the Neolithic period 7,000 years ago. Thus, young and old to make a journey of discovery for fossils of the most famous references to Germany but also international sites.


The Fun Package 3x Family Fun in one Place
Fun Package provides lots to do in natural surroundings around St. Englmar in the Bavarian Forest. The new combination of three much loved family attractions is the perfect solution for a day out in Europe’s largest range of forested mountains. Within a radius of only 1 km is the perfect combination of nature, fun and action for families, offering something for everyone: the Tree Top Walk with Nature Trail, Summer Tobogganing with the Egidi-Buckel leisure activities and the Bullcart Summer Lift are the new destination for the whole family.


Germany Hop Museum in Wolnzach
In the Germany Hop Museum you will learn all there is to learn about hops. From botanical aspects to brewing, from hop growing to hop trading, from history until present. The museum is located in the heart of the Hallertau (Upper Bavaria), the worlds largest hop producing area. Visitors will enjoy more than 1000 square meters of a striking exhibiti-on area. Moreover, they can find out new facets of beer in extraordinary beer indulgence seminars. Our conference and function rooms can be rented for your conferences and festivities.


Beer and Oktoberfestmuseum Munich
Competent and culinary guided tours including beer sampling and a meal await you. Beer tasting and beer brewing courses. Enjoy Bavarian specialties and Munich beer from wooden barrels. The museum bar and restaurant offers up to 120 seats on two stories and is ideal for festivities such as birthdays or company parties.


Obersalzberg Documentation
The Obersalzberg Documentation is a permanent Institute of Contemporary History Munich - Berlin exhibition about the history of Obersalzberg and the Nazi dictatorship. Obersalzberg, which became Hitler's holiday retreat in 1923, was expanded after 1933, becoming a second seat of government next to Berlin.


Miniatur Erlebniswelt Discover a world full of model railroad dreams
The Miniatur Erlebniswelt, one of Germany’s biggest model railroad exhibitions in N scale, invites all model railroad fans to discover its world of railroad dreams. Additional to the N scale exhibition, the Miniatur Erlebniswelt offers an H0 scale exhibition and an exhibition of various dioramas.


Gäubodenmuseum Straubing
Ever since its foundation in 1845, the Gäubodenmuseum in Straubing has been considered one of the traditional museums in eastern Bavaria. Its collections are situated in 2 former patrician houses. These are located near one of the most beautiful city squares in Bavaria. The permanent exhibition gives information about the times from prehistoric settlements to modern history of the city and its environments.


Kehlsteinhaus Eagle‘s Nest
Board a breathtaking bus journey up the Kehlstein road and a luxurious brass elevator up through the rock into Kehlsteinhaus, known in English as the Eagle‘s Nest. Enjoy its impressive views and its excellent cuisine. The site combines a unique example of historic architecture and a stunning alpine setting.


Porzellanikon - Museums in Hohenberg und Selb
Four museums at two places to a topic: Porcelain. The Porzellanikon Selb and Hohenberg a.d.Eger is with four museum institutions and 11000 m2 the largest special museum for porcelain in Europe. Whether in the former porcelain factory or in the explosive growth mansion.


Model road show arrangement Miniland Munich
The new miniland of Elisabeth Linert inspires not only model road fans, but also makes be beating child hearts and mother's hearts. The biggest H0 railway-show arrangement of South Germany is nearly 400 square metres after ending of the reconstruction and has a trackage with more than 1300-metre length. On her go more than 100 railroad engines.


Bavarian sea-navigation
Make your next sea voyage nevertheless in Bavaria! The four lakes traveled by the Bavarian sea-navigation belong with good reason to the beads to German tourism low embedded between steeply rising cliffs lie the impressive king lake in the middle in the alpine national park Berchtesgaden.


Raft travels Isar Wolfratshausen
Of Wolfratshausen-Weidach there are daily from the 1st may to the middle of september the popular passenger raft travels on the river called Loisach and Isar to Munich.


Cable-car based in Walchensee
For enjoying a scenic view over the region we recommend a 4-minute ride with the Herzogstand cable-car based in Walchensee. From the station you reach the top of Mt. Herzogstand.


Canoe-Adventure in Bayerisch Kanada
Enjoy a romantic and wild Canoe-Adventure in Bayerisch Kanada. Little rapids in combination with calm water makes this Canoe-Tour to an unforgetable Event.


German steam rail museum Neuenmarkt
Smoke, steam and giants from steel. The German steamrail museum does not only let the hearts of genuine steam locomotive friends strike more highly. Beside the impressive giants of the rail, the inclined level - of Europe oldest would seem with pure steamrails - makes the visit in the heart of Upper Franconia an unforgettable experience.


Salzbergwerk Berchtesgaden
Deep down underneath the Salzberg mountain a secret world awaits your discovery. For many years, only the salt miners in Berchtesgaden were allowed to enter the complex tunnel system. Today, part of the mine - which has been in operation for over 500 years now - is open to all fans of adventure who wish to get to know the place where the famous Bad Reichenhall brand salt originates.


Alte Saline mit Salzmuseum Bad Reichenhall
The Old Salt Works under the picturesque Gruttenstein Castle are embedded in the historical heart of the town of Bad Reichenhall. They were built by King Ludwig I. in 1834 and at their time were an outstanding industrial plant, modern and representative. The historical equipment and the integrated Salt Museum are open to interested parties for walks around with a guide.


State-owned palaces and gardens in Bavaria
The Bavarian Palace Department looks after over forty different palaces, castles and residences and more than 25 historical parks all over Bavaria. Among them are not only the world-famous buildings such as the Würzburg Residenz or Neuschwanstein Castle, but also in particular the lesser known but equally attractive palaces, castles and artists‘ residences from Coburg to Kempten, and from Aschaffenburg to Burghausen. They are well worth visiting at any time of year!


Primeval World Museum Neiderhell
In the primeval world museum you will find over 460 m² exhibition surface more than 2,000 fossils and minerals are pointed. Diagrams give the necessary background informations to the visitor.


Zugspitze Garmisch-Partenkirchen
Germany's highest mountain, culminating at 2,964 meters above sea level. A popular excursion site and winter sport location.


Götschen Ski-Center Bischofswiesen/Berchtesgaden
Runway fun without brakes in wonderful mountain backdrop at the favourable price - that offers to Göt ski center, central convenient between Berchtesgaden, Bad Reichenhall and Salzburg. Here you find easy family departures and sporty Weltcup runways, which are just as suitable for professionals, as for beginners and progressing.


Happy Ballooning hot air ballon
Enjoy Rothenburg up in the sky with our hot air ballon team. There are few pleasures as unforgettable as drifting gently over breathtaking Rothenburg and the romantic Tauber valley in an open basket. We launch from the Tauber Valley below the old town of Rothenburg seven days a week (weather permitting). We are about 90 minutes in the air, with up to five passengers in the ballonbasket.


Freizeitland Geiselwind
Lying at the edge of Steigerwald Nature Park, Freizeit-Land is one of the most popular destinations in South Germany. Awaiting you, on an area of approximaly 400,000 sq.m., is a modern leisure operation with numerous rides, play grounds, live shows, electronic theatres, animal shows, exhibitions and idyllic relaxtion areas.


Churpfalzpark in Loifling at Cham with over 200.000qm
Experience the Churpfalzpark in Loifling at Cham with over 200.000qm and round 6.500m footpaths, where you are seat down and releax to see the wonderful Flowers and gardens. Also you can have a lots of Fun at the many rides for young and old. A unforgettable experience Day waits for you.


Olaf Gulbbransson museum
Since its opening in 1966 the Olaf Gulbransson Museum in Tegernsee bears tribute to the Norwegian painter and caricaturist of the same name. In addition to a permanent exhibition about Olaf Gulbransson the museum shows temporary exhibitions with contemporary and modern art, especially graphic and caricature. The Olaf Gulbransson Museum already presented famous artists such as Max Ernst, Lyonel Feininger, Edvard Munch and Paul Flora.


Coburger dolls museum
Approximately 1,000 dolls show scenes from the child everyday life of the last 200 years - the history of the Barbiepuppe included. The civil housing tradition of 1850 - 1950 reflects numerous pupating tubes. Porcelain and Kaufläden complete the world EN miniature. Play and tinkering stations as well as holidays programs invite to going through.