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Cottage in Oberstdorf Alpine Chalet Haus Sonnenbichl

Alpine Chalet Haus Sonnenbichl (Oberstdorf) garage balcony cyclist-friendly animals permitted tv set

house description:
The ALPINE CHALET Haus Sonnenbichl is in the west of Oberstdorf, where a magnificient view to the complete panorama of the Oberstdorf Alps is possible. The ALPINE CHALET will be booked only for you personally and gives therefore the possibility of recreating holidays
pricing conditions:
from € 90 / Night to € 250 In low season, 14 days 700 Euro flat rate long-term Period September to 23 December and from April to June

booking request
min. price: 90.00 €
categorisation: -
beds: 9
journey description:

garage, balcony / terrace, cyclist-friendly, animals permitted, tv set,
Alpine Chalet Haus Sonnenbichl
Friedrich Feldner
Stillachstrasse 2
87561 Oberstdorf
phone: 0160 98778251
fax: 09131 934475
email: send inquiry