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Bavarian event calendars

event calendars

at Bavaria there are many events which make your Bavarian vacation an unforgettable experience. Visit one of many cultural events, a theatre, concert or simply dive into the known nightlife in this nice region. Here you find a small choice of events calendars all around Bavaria.

Tänzelfest Kaufbeuren

Tänzelfest Kaufbeuren - historical Children's Festival
In the town of Kaufbeuren our children have been celebrating a very special festival known as The Tänzelfest for many years. Every summer, shortly before the beginning of the holidays, Kaufbeuren is entirely taken over by these festivities. Our Children's Festival, supposedly founded by Emperor Maximilian I, Germany's last knight, during his official visit to Kaufbeuren in 1497, is the oldest of its kind in Bavaria.

Luisenburg-Festspiele Wunsiedel

Luisenburg Festival Wunsiedel
The Luisenburg Festival is not only the most beautiful and most successful German natural stage, but also the oldest; This year they are celebrating their 125th anniversary. From May to August classics, family plays, musicals and popular theater on offer before covered 1,800 spectators. In addition, there are concerts, guest appearances and in 2015 under the name Theater wonder Luisenburg a three-part Jubilee Exhibition in Fichtelgebirgsmuseum and in the Fichtelgebirgshalle Wunsiedel.


Europäische Wochen Passau
The Festival was founded by American officers in cooperation with the city of Passau into existence in 1952. Was initially formulated as an objective to highlight the shared cultural heritage of Western Europe and to emphasize the need for a political merger of Western Europe to the preservation and continuation of the values of this cultural heritage.


Faust Festspiele
A theater magic of a very special kind you get offered in the picturesque town of Kronach: the medieval castle on the audience the greatest classics of world literature are brought up high near as easily comprehensible theater. Overlooking the beautiful Franconian Forest.


Studiobühne Bayreuth
In summer, the stage plays in different places, such as the castle Fantaisie or the open-air stages "Roman theater in the Hermitage" and "rock theater Sanspareil", which are used for the Summer Games studiobühneköln bayreuth for many years. Another fixed base is the tradition of Wagner adaptations by Uwe Hoppe in the courtyard of the Steingraeber piano factory, which take place every summer during the festival season. The ensemble consists of approximately 100 active members of the ensemble.


Westernfest in Nassig Forest
After all these years, the Western Festival has none of its romance and its attraction lost the contrary. What began in 1990 as a crazy idea of Reservist, has blossomed over the years into a well-organized large-scale event that would not be possible without the cooperation of all Nassiger clubs. How many visitors have strolled with and without a cowboy hat or loincloth on the three days on the Western-road, the organizers can not overlook.


Sensemble Theater
The professional working Sensemble Theatre was founded in 1996 by Sebastian Seidel and "Augsburg stage for contemporary theater." It plays mainly current pieces of contemporary and different formats of improvisational theater. In the workshop for new drama will respond promptly to developments in society and this set the scene. Numerous pieces and parts orders also relate directly to the Augsburg history.


Theater Mummpitz im Kachelbau
We play stories for children, because children love to hear stories and see, and the theater is a wonderful way of telling stories. But children should be able to make their own experiences and present their own stories and concerns. Therefore we offer in addition to the 'normal' operating theater an extensive theater education program for schools.