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Hotel in Bamberg Ventura's Hotel & Gästehaus am Dom

Ventura's Hotel & Gästehaus am Dom (Bamberg) cyclist-friendly tv set internet wlan
house description:
In the middle of the picturesque old town of Bamberg the flair of an old half-timbered house in imaginative combination with modern design elements. For a comfortable climate in the newly refurbished rooms and apartments provide a custom lighting design, unique furniture, unique lamps and art on the walls. About an antique wooden staircase leads to our rooms and apartments.
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min. price: 69.00 €
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beds: 20
journey description:
cyclist-friendly, tv set, internet wlan.
Ventura's Hotel & Gästehaus am Dom
Tom Ventura
Herrenstrasse 2
96049 Bamberg
phone: 0151 29800722
email: send inquiry